A Case Study in Certifications as a Tool for Career Success

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A Case Study in Certifications as a Tool for Career Success

Martin Brown sat in a Brussels hotel room pondering
the challenging day he just had on a support call as
a product specialist for security systems for a firm
based in the United Kingdom. The customer had
raised network questions, and Martin had again felt
inadequately prepared to answer them. He felt stuck
in his job as well, and unable to progress. But an idea
had been forming in his mind. As he sat there, he
found himself writing “CCENT” and “CCNA” on the
hotel stationery

Click the link to read how Martin Brown used Cisco certifications, like those offered at our Pearson VUE authorized test center, to advance his career from being a product specialist to a network administrator.


What Do Emotions Have to Do with Learning?

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What Do Emotions Have to Do with Learning?

Learning is not a solely rational or intellectual process. A student’s emotions will run the gamut while digesting foreign and complex concepts.

In this brief article by Annie Murphy Paul, the important role of confusion in successful learning, especially when punctuated by a moment of insight, and furthermore the cyclic nature of these alternating emotions is discussed.

The Pearson VUE Website

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The Pearson VUE Website

To schedule a test with us, simply go to Pearson VUE.com, select your test, and then select our location, Lifelong Adult Education Services, Inc. We’re centrally located in Denver at 1175 Osage St, Suite 201. And remember, PARKING IS FREE!

GED Test Taking Tips provided by SABES: System for Adult Basic Education Support

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GED Test Taking Tips provided by SABES: System for Adult Basic Education Support

Here is a great little piece of a great site on adult basic education (ABS). This advice is specifically geared towards taking the GED but if you explore the site you’ll find loads of information and tips about ABS in general. If you happen to be involved with ABS yourself, be sure to check out Field Notes, it’s a great cache of the ABS quarterly newsletter which ceased publication in 2009 but is still interesting and useful.

Overcoming Test Anxiety

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Overcoming Test Anxiety

Test anxiety is a natural response to a test that this both meaningful to you but is also a challenge to some degree. But too much anxiety, to the point where it is debilitating, blocking you from thinking, remembering, and performing well, is simply not a good thing. But there are steps you can take to counteract it and begin performing closer to your potential. 

Follow the link to find out what these techniques are. Review them a few times and put them into practice as soon as possible. Then use them over and over again to internalize them, until they become second nature and you begin performing up to your potential. 


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Denver, Colorado – Lifelong AES Inc. has signed an agreement with Pearson VUE, the computer-based testing (CBT) business of Pearson, to test candidates pursuing key industry certifications from leading IT programs, such as Cisco, CompTIA, EMC, HP, LPI, Oracle and VMware.

Pearson VUE believes testing and certification is at the heart of the learning experience, and Lifelong AES will play its part by offering accessible and secure testing to candidates.

Pearson VUE’s advanced system administers exams on behalf of hundreds of businesses, boards and organizations around the globe through the world’s largest most secure test center network. The system enables candidates to register and reschedule their tests online or through a Pearson VUE call center.

“We’re very excited about our new partnership with Pearson VUE,” said Gary Macdonald, Ph. D. “The Pearson VUE Testing System is the most powerful available and gives us unparalleled control and flexibility over our ability to manage our business our way and the agreement means we can easily offer same-day testing, or bring testing to our customers’ locations. We’re pleased to partner with a company whose industry status, technology and passion for excellence will allow us to provide even greater service for our customers.”

The list of certification tests available from test sponsors through the Pearson VUE system is continually growing. Test results are quickly transmitted back, ensuring the candidate’s certification status is promptly updated.

Ray Murray, Vice President – Business Development, Pearson VUE said, “We are proud to welcome Lifelong AES to the rapidly growing global network of Pearson VUE Authorized Test Centers. Together, we are providing even more candidates with the opportunity to obtain meaningful certifications and advance their careers.”

Pearson VUE delivery of exams has continued to increase rapidly in recent years, with the company delivering 10 million exams in 2011.